The Importance of Being Present

Live in and for the moment. These are words I am constantly attempting to live by. Yesterday, I went down the shore with my friend. There was this older couple sitting in front of us. They had a whole spread laid out in the sand: blanket, Tommy Bahama backpack beach chairs, a light pink sun... Continue Reading →


“Asking For It?”: An Analysis of America’s Rape Culture via Social and Judicial Avenues in Terms of the Survivor’s Apparel

Women in our society are taught ways to avoid sexual assault and abuse from an early age. They are taught not to wear clothing too revealing, as it may be distracting or encouraging to others. The common questions of “well, what was she wearing?” or comments of “she was asking for it in that outfit”... Continue Reading →

Lessons Learned: A Study Abroad Reflection

I learned a lot this past semester, I'm sure every student did. I learned something different. I learned how to listen to others. I'm not saying I was a bad listener before (at least I don't think I was). But this semester , in India, in an entirely new culture, I was tried constantly. People... Continue Reading →

Voices of the Unheard: Abstract

I spent a few weeks interning with the Universal Just Action Society, interviewing and interacting with members of the Hindu Pakistani migrant community in Rajasthan, India. I present the abstract of my research and a personal account. Stay tuned for more... There exists an undeniable population of Hindu minority Pakistanis who have migrated into India,... Continue Reading →

The Rarity of Pure Joy

My last article was about the pursuit of happiness, oddly enough, this one is about happiness itself. I shared a beautiful moment yesterday with one of my coworkers. We had one of those "can't stop laughing, won't stop laughing, no reason for the laughing" moments. It was a solid 30 minutes of laughter, and for... Continue Reading →

The Pursuit of Happiness

So what really is this pursuit of happiness we strive for? And is it something we should be striving for?

A Few Days in Mountain Life

As a part of my semester, our class of 15 broke into 3 smaller groups. One group went to Pondicherry to study fishing communities. One group went to Dharamsala to work for women's empowerment. My group went to Patuk, East Sikkim (2 hours from Gangtok) to study mountain agriculture. The state of Sikkim is between... Continue Reading →

Is Language a Barrier?

Have you ever sat in a room full of people speaking a language you don't understand? It can be excruciatingly frustrating. "I wanna know what they're saying!" "They're laughing at me!" Do I smile and nod or look concerned and nod? Just nod. That's a safe bet. Do I pretend to listen or do I... Continue Reading →

I’m Proud of Me

WARNING: If you're not into self-love or self-confidence, don't read this. You thought this was going to be a nice, in-depth reflection about my life in India... Nahi! (no in Hindi). Or maybe haa. (yes). I guess it is. Because I would not be feeling this way, to this extent if I have not gone... Continue Reading →

Honing Independence

I will forever believe that experience is the greatest, most efficient way humans learn. Classrooms are awesome for developing basic mathematics and literacy skills. But if you spend your whole life in academia not getting your hands dirty, you won't learn all that much. That's why we do research on graduate education. That's why traveling... Continue Reading →

The Job of the Oppressed

It's been a hectic week to say the least. The weather was pleasant in Dehradun; the lectures were fine. More importantly, it's been an emotional whirlwind. It's exhausting to be culturally sensitive, actively listening, and open-minded all the time. It's a burden I chose for myself, being someone who cares for social justice and global... Continue Reading →

The Taj Mahal

It costs 1000 ruppees to see the Taj Mahal if you're a foreigner. If you know anything about Indian pricing, that's a lot. But I went. And I went twice. How could I not? It is a well-deserved New 7 Wonder of the World. I walked into the view and was in immediate awe. I... Continue Reading →

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